Long Time, No Post (plus a poem first draft)!

Boy oh boy. How did it get so late so soon?, to borrow a certain phrase from a certain someone. Haven’t posted here for a LONG time. Almost, what? THREE MONTHS?

In any event, I have a first draft of a poem to share with you all. It’s not titled, but I’ll just throw the working title “First Flight” at the top of it.


“First Flight”

I wonder what it was like
When the first human flew;
The very first time when we
Tore from our bodies the chains
Of the earth and of ourselves;
When we at last became
Another step to becoming
Our own evolvers.

Were those who saw it in awe?
Did they cheer and yell?
Or did they just look on
At the pure oddity, horrific
And beautiful before them?
A mere mortal

Was the man who flew laughing?
Did he look around in awe?
Or did he just look at himself
Of the power that man used
To send him there?
For all mere mortals.


April 30 – “What’s Left?”

Yes, yes, yes: I am quite aware I am *finds calender* seven days late on finishing out my NaPoWriMo venture. And, as such, you will be delighted to know that this means that over the coming days, you will be treated to seven, count them, SEVEN, penalty poems as penance. At least, provided I don’t change my mind, or forget. Anyway–it’s been a great thirty (seven) days. And this haiku (my fifth, I think) aims to succinctly put my current feelings.

“What’s Left?”

What’s there left to say
After a month’s worth of words?
In fact, quite a lot.

-Weston Richey
May 7, 2012 (Poem for Apr. 30)

April 29 – “Nighttime Ritual”

“Nighttime Ritual”

My bed calls to me–
I long to sleep tonight to
Wake up rested tomorrow.
And yet, there’s something
That drives me to stay up.
The florescent illumination
Driving out the dark of night
Presses activity onward.
But my eyes are tired
And my body fatigued;
Maybe I’ll lie down
For just a moment…

-Weston Richey
April 29, 2012

Penalty Poem 3 – “The Rat Race”

“The Rat Race”

We seek truth, every one.
The rat race that entices us all,
The endless quest
With the endless reward
That never seems to come.

The goal never seems to draw near.
Always on the horizon it lies
In wait, mocking our every move
And effort, pointing and laughing
At our optimism.

We want to reach that fantastic fable.
It draws us closer and closer
Like lambs to slaughter,
And disciples to a god,
Seducing us from afar.

The journey will always continue.
It will march ever onward
Toward that horizon.
Will it stop with our doom,
Or even stop at all?

Let’s find out.

-Weston Richey
April 28, 2012 (Penalty poem for missing Apr. 27)

April 28 – “Blanket”

My fourth haiku.


Feel of a blanket:
My own personal fortress,
My nighttime comfort.

-Weston Richey
April 28, 2012

April 27 – “Streelight night”

“Streetlight night”

Streetlight shines through my window
And onto my face.
The day and night difference of the
Brilliance of the light and the dark of the evening
Disturbs me. I shift in bed, turning on my side,
Only to see the beam peek through the blind
Against the wall.

-Weston Richey
April 28, 2012 (Poem for Apr. 27)

April 26 – “Schedule”

My third haiku (I believe):


Schedules are full up,
All the dates are penciled in:
Regulated life.